Black chickpeas - Ceci neri


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100% natural

Italian Food

250 gr - 750 gr

All legumes have been collected in small villages in Irpinia ( Campania Region). 

They are selected and collected only manually. 

The weather of this part of Italy is mild and windy and it helps for the drying phase, as nature demands. 

Soak at least for 12 hours. 

Good to know:

  • Vacuum-sealed packaging for 250 gr
  • Handpicked.
  • Wash with cold water before cooking them. 
  • Cook over low heat for at least 45' and, if needed, add hot water during cooking phase.

Storage info: once opened, store in a jar and put in a cool and dry place.

Match: they can be eaten alone, or together with short pieces of pasta  or rice or, even better, mixed in a soup with other legumes and vegetables. Dice some guanciale and add it to the soup for a unique taste.