Legumes Mix - Legumi Misti

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100% natural

Italian Food

250 gr - 750 gr

All legumes have been collected in small villages in Irpinia ( Campania Region). 

They are selected and collected only manually. 

The weather of this part of Italy, mild and windy, is a perfect match for the drying phase, which then follows the nature. 

Soak for at least 12 hours. 

Good to know:

  • Vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Handpicked.
  • Wash with cold water before cooking them.
  • Cook over low heat for at least 45' and, if needed, add hot water during cooking phase.

Storage info: once opened, store in a jar and put in a cool and dry place.

Match: this mix can be eaten alone, or together with short pieces of pasta or, even better, mixed in a soup with vegetables. Dice some guanciale and add it to the soup for a unique taste.