Semihard pecorino

Semihard pecorino

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250 - 450 gr

Sharp and intense taste. 

Sharp and tangy taste. Ideal to be eaten solo or to be accompanied with jams and honeys. 

Ingredients: raw milk, rennet, salt

Match: a classic is with jams or grated on pasta with tomato sauce. Try it also with 'Pesto'. The milk still present in the cheese and the basil are a perfect wedding! You can also dice it in fresh pastas.

If you want to go beyond, you can pair it with seafood. For example, you can cook ravioli stuffed with ricotta and semi-hard pecorino in seafood broth!

Important to know: recently some prices have been raised as the hand cut pieces are significantly bigger than the previous pieces. For future references, will try to vary the different sizes.