SPECIAL: Scaldatelli (taralli) di "grano arso": burnt durum wheat

SPECIAL: Scaldatelli (taralli) di "grano arso": burnt durum wheat

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Our Taralli or Scaldatelli are produced in Apulia Region in a small family run bakery.

For this opening sales, we want to introduce a limited edition of Scaldatelli with grano arso - a burnt durum wheat. 

Farina di grano arso is a typical flour from Puglia, the province of Foggia (Gargano area). This flour used to be made from the bits of wheat that were left in the field after the harvest. The landowners would harvest the wheat and then burn off the stubble left in the field, to be then plowed under. But in that short period between the post-burning and the pre-plowing, poor farm workers would hurry across the field, gathering the burnt remnants of wheat, which they would then grind into what was basically burnt flour.

Fast forward a few decades no one is running out to the burnt fields anymore to increase their near-starvation diet. 

So what happened then? A few flour mills have been producing a newer version of farina grano arso, a type of toasted grano duro (durum wheat) flour that reproduces the nutty, smoky flavor of the original. Without the back breaking, stubble picking of course.

Thanks to this forward thinkers, we can enjoy a unique flour. In this case used to bake our beloved scaldatelli. Another great product is also ‘Orecchiette with grano arso’ and their ideal seasoning “Broccoli and crunchy red peppers”. Also just the flour itself can be used to bake bread or focaccia at home.

Ingredients: burnt wheat flour, wheat flour type "00", white wine, extra virgin olive oil, olive pomace oil, salt.

Match: ideal for your snacks together with olives, cold cuts, tomatoes in olive oil or alone. Pair it with a glass of white wine in order to support their strong taste.