Turnic Tops or Turnic Greens ( Cime di Rapa) in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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100% natural

Italian Food

290 gr

Turnic Tops in jar. No additives, preservatives nor acidic correctors. 

Ingredients: turnic tops, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, salt, garlic, red hot chili peppers, oregano.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Our turnic tops come from 'Appennino Sannita', mountains including part of Molise and Campania regions. As per their name, these 'tops' are the final part of Italian famous broccoletti. 

They can be cooked in various ways: steamed, browned with garlic. If you speak to Italians, they will tell you that their best match is with pasta: Orecchiette with Cime di Rapa. Add a bit of fried bread crumbs on top for an amazing result!