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Made in Sicily with fair trade chocolate.

In this collection, you will find a wide variety of Modica Chocolate, from our gorgeous supplier Sabadi'.

Their chocolate is traditionally made according to the age-old Modica cold  working process. Throughout the process the temperature never exceeds 45 degrees Celsius. In this way, all the cocoa’s unique and aromatic notes and the ingredients’ beneficial properties are fully preserved.

His chocolate won the prize for best 'chocolate bar' for few years in a row: from 2012 until 2019. 

World famous Modica chocolate is created with unique techniques

Just pick your favorite: tangerine, cinnamon, ginger, red sicilian oranges! 

There are also special bar created with typical local Sicilian herbs such as Nepetella, or wild fennel seeds.

And the packaging is also unique: respecting the environment and playful. In every bar, you'll find nice quotations and a bookmark you can keep for your readings. 

And feel Sicily in every bite.