Discover our philosophy

Hi, I'm Chiara, nice to meet you!

I am passionate about high quality food, life stories, and great landscapes. These are the main elements that make up La Bottega by Chiara’s Food; from the products to the experience of our suppliers and the land they belong to! 

La Bottega by Chiara’s Food is not just a shop. It's a dream that became true. A Sicilian heart is beating and you'll feel it once you open the door. We will warmly welcome you, give you the time to explore, to look around and to ask as many questions as you want. You'll find something delicious to taste, a nice cup of espresso. 

We will love to tell you the stories of the products and of the producers. We will guide you through a special culinary journey. 

Most of our suppliers work in their family businesses; while preserving tradition, they have learnt to scale workload and evolve their methods to keep up with modern times - whether that be through longer shelf life, or more environmentally friendly packaging. All their ingredients are local to the region they are based in which in turn support the local farmers they purchase from. 

From good people to good people is our motto; We are dedicated to ensuring the people We work with are unique suppliers, with a work ethic We believe in.

The team working in La Bottega by Chiara's Food is made of dreamers, hard workers, strategists, visionary people. Good people indeed.