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480 gr

Guanciale comes from 'guancia', meaning cheek. This part is used to create this tasty product. 

After the cut, the meat is salted and massaged for at least 5 days. The process continues by adding spices, black pepper and all the seasoning who lends the 'Guanciale' its unique taste. After drying the product, it is then aged for 60-90 days.  

Ingredients: pork meat, salt, spices.

Match: its perfect match is 'Pasta all'Amatriciana', but its taste is also enhanced in 'Pasta alla Carbonara'. Try it also with a bruschetta with black truffle. 

If you want to go beyond, try it with chestnuts or oysters!

Important to know:  The piece you will receive will weigh approximately 480 gr.  Pieces are hand cut so the weight mighty be slightly different per piece. You will be contacted for a price adjustment in case the weight is considerably different.