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Italian Food

200 gr - 700 gr

Guanciale comes from 'guancia', meaning cheek. This part is used to create this tasty product. 

After the cut, the meat is salted and massaged for at least 5 days. The process continues by adding spices, black pepper and all the seasoning who lends the 'Guanciale' its unique taste. After drying the product, it is then aged for 60-90 days.  

Ingredients: pork meat, salt, spices.

Match: its perfect match is 'Pasta all'Amatriciana', but its taste is also enhanced in 'Pasta alla Carbonara'. Try it also with a bruschetta with black truffle. 

If you want to go beyond, try it with chestnuts or oysters!


  • Keep your cold cuts in their original packaging until you're ready to eat them. The vacuum-sealed package keeps cold cuts safely stored until the expiry date. 
  • Open the packaging at least 10 minutes before usage. 


Once a package has been open, cold cuts may quickly lose their freshness. Especially, like in our case, when nor additives or preservatives are added. But aluminium foil gives a big support in this case. Make sure that the cold cut piece is wrapped very tightly to prevent any contact with air. Temperature in the fridge must be maximum 6°C.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality

not only a high quality product! love it, I'll for sure buy again!

Love the personalised attention and details !:)

Thanks and grazie mille!

Kelton Rogers

Beautifully seasoned, and superb structure. Best guanciale I have seen!

Simone Consales
Great Guanciale

I’ve tasted many Guanciale, this one is seasoned with care, the pepper and the taste is very subtle and not to strong and fatty like most of the Guanciale out there! Super

Virginia C.

We love guanciale! You can use it on bruschette, you can fry it and put it in soups or quiches, you can make carbonara or amatriciana sauce. And the quality of Chiara's guanciale is outstanding.

Carlo De Vittoria
must have

This is a must have for us. Realy tasty. It is our children's favorite!