Our tasting event on 23-11 at Terre Lente: what a special night!


Last Saturday, 23-11, Luigi hosted us in his beautiful Souther Italian delicatessen shop Terre Lente.

The shop is located in Joordan, in the heart of Amsterdam and it is such a magical place.

40 people more or less attended the event and everyone contributed to creating the best atmosphere ever.

We were all friends, enjoying a special night out, tasting unique products and wines. All from South Italy. All from small producers with their unique stories. 

Men,women, kids joined the event and we were perfectly mingled together. 

On the other side of the counter, it was amazing to witness how people who didn't know each other were having such a great time together. 

Thanks everyone for coming and a special thanks to Luigi to be such a professional and a great host. 

The sincere laughs I experienced were definitely a gift for me. 

Stay tuned for more.. this won't be the last time :)