Our gluten free hazelnut biscuits: meeting the people behind this unique product


Yesterday I visited the people behind our amazing Cupolini, gluten free Hazelnut biscuits produced only in the tiny village of Caposele, Irpinia, South Italy.

Only prime ingredients, only 3 ingredients: local hazelnuts - 90% produced by Massimo’s family( the owner) - eggs and sugar. Gluten free.

4 people per shift work in this small factory and they can produce, at their best, 100kg of biscuits!

The hazelnuts are collected by Massimo, he peels, roasts them and obtains grains from them. Then, the wise hands of trusted people add eggs and sugar to create the dough and create by hand, the amazing biscuits. One by one, with their hands.

This product is 100% handmade, produced in Massimo's laboratory. Massimo's produced only this product. Therefore it is also possible to guarantee that this product is totally gluten free.

Yesterday the production was full on and it was a gift for me to smell hazelnuts all over and taste the biscuits just out of the oven. 

And I’m really proud to share this unique products with you.