Coffee Painting Workshop

Coffee Painting Workshop

Chiara Di FalcoJun 12, '24
Tuesday 25.6 Coffee Painting Workshop Amsterdam

Join La Bottega's Team & Jasmine for our Art & Food Workshop 

Tuesday 24 June - from 18:30 - 20:30

Join us on this journey where you: 

  • will learn how to paint and create different shades with coffee, on water color canva
  • will be provided with the materials
  • will paint one water color canva to bring home 
  • will have one glass of Sicilian wine ( red or white) included  
  • will have a Sicilian appetizer included
  • will have a 10% discount in case you want to bring some of our Sicilian delicacies home

The appetizer will be vegetarian but please let us know in advance in case of allergies or dietary preferences. 


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