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Vladimir December 2020

Chiara selects with care and research amazing products from local artisanal producers in Italy. The high quality products will make a difference to your cooking!

Luca December 2020

Both Chiara and her food are incredible. We have been customers for close to two years and never once we were left disappointed. The quality of the products is outstanding and the dishes we can create with them are fantastic. We tried other suppliers but Chiara's quality is simply unmatched.
Would definitely recommend trying all of her products.

Lara on 14th August 2020

I know Chiara since she moved to Amsterdam and always saw her passion for great products. She would always have the best genuine and tasty products from southern Italy! I saw this passion grow into a bigger dream.
Chiara has excellent products and is a great person. It is all hand picked producers. I will never forget the taste of her hazelnut cookies!!

Her deliveries fill you with joy. It truly is good food for good people!

Vincent on 23rd June 2020

It was my first order and I just tried the Parma Ham ravioli. It was just amazing. You can definitely feel the quality of the ingredients and the difference from supermarket products. The delivery was super fast and I even received some advice on the best way to cook it. Can't wait to have a test at the other products I ordered. And I will definitely shop again 

Radu on 15th April 2020

This is the place to get real italian cheese and salumi! And olive oil, and jams, and those little jars with all sorts of wonderful things in them, like tuna peppers, or a crazy pesto made from wild fennel, or my favourite - cime di rapa, a most humble green with a unique taste.

There are just four or five types of dried sausage, but these are absolutely best quality artisanal products, made the old fashioned way (just salt and air for curing, no nitrates, no preservatives!). They come mostly from the south of Italy, and some contain some pretty special ingredients (like wild fennel). The guanciale finds its way into my amatriciana pretty much every other week!

The cheese selection is brief but the products are superb - several types of (mixed milk) pecorino, ricotta salata, and of course top quality parmesan. I can only hope they'll add soft cheeses as well - I have a soft spot for those of the north.

Pasta is very good, Armando brand from Campania - I really appreciate having a reliable source of bronze extruded bucatini and penne rigate.

The olive oil - again, 2-3 types, fantastic, the kind you want to eat with warm bread and salt.

The jams are exceptional - made with organic fruit and less sugar than usual, they're the only ones worth breaking my stay-away-from-sweets principle. My favourites are the plum and the orange. There are other sweets as well, but I generally don't buy those so no advice there, save for the "cupolini" - a dried biscuit made with hazelnuts.
Also, if you've never had taralli - beware, they may look simple, but are highly addictive!

Is this a review or a love letter to Italian food?

So about the shop then - I've been a customer for almost a year and the service is impeccable, and the owner - Chiara - is a gentilissima lady from the South of Italy who really cares about the produce - she actually visits and deals with a few of the smaller producers in person!

So yeah, I recommend this place :) - buon appetito!

Ruxandra on 5th June 2020

Totally recommend Chiara's products, they are really amazing! She is also a lovely person who seems to be putting a lot of passion into what she is doing . Thanks for everything! 

Karan on 5th June 2020

One of the best olive oil I've found in Amsterdam. Great service & super flexible. It is easy to tell this is a very high quality provider with a personal touch.

Sandra on 14th May 2020

l mio primo ordine è stato un successo, ho ricevuto a casa una scatola con dei prodotti squisiti, i salumi e i formaggi deliziosi e le marmellate divine. Ho conosciuto Chiara come piccola imprenditrice ma il suo contatto con il cliente aggiunge un enorme valore ai suoi già eccellenti prodotti.
Grazie Chiara

Daniela on 21st February 2020

I tried several Chiara's delicacies. I come from South of Italy and I am quite picky with food. Everything was delicious but I have to say that when I tried the Cime di Rapa, the Aubergines and the Courgettes, I was blown away. They are spectacular. The other thing I like is the love and passion she puts in her work. You can see this love in every detail, from the way the food is packed to the recipes she writes and the beautiful pictures and text of her Instagram posts. I am a big fan. PS. I saw the delighted faces of those who tried the Taralli and the Biscuits. I didn't taste them yet because I was on a carbs diet. Next time.

Sofya on 16 June 2019:

Great food:

I happened to know Chiara's business via a food tasting she organised to give people a taste (literally) of products she exports from Italy. I was amazed at the quality and authentic taste of some staples like olive oil, salsiccia and jams from south of Italy, but also I felt the care and passion that Chiara has put into every piece of assortment and into getting to know what her customers need.
I purchased some items several times and can swear by scaldatelli, scamorza cheese and passata that makes for most delicious tomato-based sauce. For me as a cook who also hosts dinners for other people it is really important that the quality of every ingreadient is impeccable, and I know I can always rely on Chiara's shop for sourcing everything I need for a real Italian party. Thanks and keep it up!

Alessandra on 25 May 2019:

Great food: 

I finally got my first Chiara’s food box and I’m so excited! 🤩 I can’t wait to start kneading and baking with my new flours!!! Great quality and great service! Thank you chiara! 😄


Sheila said on 6 March 2019:

Great food: I have wanted to purchase high quality olive oil, and vegetables preserved in olive oil for a really long time now, but never really knew where to turn. It seems we are surrounded by high quality everywhere but in the end I was never sure who to trust.

As an Italian girl living abroad, I can say that 
Chiara really does select only extremely high quality ingredients. My order made me feel at home and that feeling comes back with every bite.Can’t recommend this enough! Evviva the Italian goodness. Grazie Chiara 😊

Beatrice said on 24 March 2019:

Lots of delicious cooking ingredients from Sicily. In our first order we had a really tasty provola cheese, and dried salted ricotta (the missing ingredient for pasta alla norma - we can never find it here. Yum yum yum). The delivery also included a recipe for inspiration. Thanks Chiara!

Letizia said on 19 March 2019:

High quality authentic Italian food. Everything is super tasty. Amazing delivery service, tailored to your needs!

Marie said on 14 March 2019:

First of all Chiara is so passionate about Italian food and Italy that it sparks over to everybody and enchants you as well! The products I ordered were all very good so far and I was especially positively surprised about the pasta (cause I thought pasta is pasta, but stand corrected). We love the Chitarra pasta and the recipe for inspiration that comes with the package is a nice add on as well. Cant wait to see what more is to come and to try the cold cuts!!!