Mmm Cacao - 100% Pure Cacao from Colombia


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Mmm Cacao

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100% natural

Italian Food

Welcome to the world of Mmm Cacao. Where we invite you to Enjoy the Now.

Imagine taking a sip of this delicious 100% pure cacao. Nurtured by nature from the magical lands of Urabá, Colombia.

Let's take a deep breath in...

aaaaand breath out. Mmm. That feels good. 

Now that you are here, we love to share a little bit about the benefits of cacao. 

Our intention with Mmm Cacao is to be your well-being companion. As cacao gives you more energy, clarity, creativity and overall happiness, it's perfect to add to your daily routine.

A lot of people that love Mmm Cacao replace it with a cup of coffee for example. We also experience that it's amazing to co-create new ideas with. To drink it after a great body workout. And to share in a more ceremonial way with family and friends. 

Cacao is full of antioxidants, minerals, magnesium, theobromine, and iron. Giving your body, mind, and spirit, a cup of love. There are no added sugars, additives or other weird things you don't know the name of. This is 100% pure cacao. 

It's no coincidence that the Mayans and Aztecs called it 'Food of the Gods' thousands of years ago. We respect the origin, source of and sacredness of cacao, and grow the cacao trees in Urabá with regenerative agriculture. We've created a full-circle sustainable evolving ecosystem, making sure Mother Nature receives all the love, and you getting the purest and best tasting cacao from our farm to your cup. 

Simply add 2/3 tablespoons and 1 cup of water/milk together in a pan and let Mmm Cacao melt into the most nurturing well-being experience you can imagine. 

111gr = 5 cups of a normal dose (for one cup a week)

333gr = 15 cups of a normal dose (for once every day or two)

555gr = 25 cups of a normal dose (for an amazing daily routine)


Thank you for joining our mission to reconnect the hearts and minds of humanity. One cup at a time. 

Mmm Cacao | Enjoy the Now

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