Pancetta Tesa


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100% natural

Italian Food

300 gr - 600 gr

From the lean part of the pork belly. 

No preservatives added. Cured for 60 days in its original shape.  

Ingredients: pork meat, salt, spices, natural flavouring. 

Match: it is ideal to be eaten alone but also together with a cheese platter, nuts or honey. Great partner for pasta sauces, can also be used with vegetables such as asparagus.


  • Keep your cold cuts in their original packaging until you're ready to eat them. The vacuum-sealed package keeps cold cuts safely stored until the expiry date. 
  • Open the packaging at least 10 minutes before usage. 


Once a package has been open, cold cuts may quickly lose their freshness. Especially, like in our case, when nor additives or preservatives are added. But aluminium foil gives a big support in this case. Make sure that the cold cut piece is wrapped very tightly to prevent any contact with air. Temperature in the fridge must be maximum 6°C.