Cold cuts in Irpinia: an old school tradition

Cold cuts in Irpinia: an old school tradition

Chiara Di FalcoMay 15, '19

Cold cuts in Irpinia: an old school tradition

Our cold cuts producer, Vito, has been running his family business for decades. Vito comes from a family of self-made farmers with a passion for genuine and high quality produce.

In the late 1960s, Vito’s great grandfather, Mario, sells his home-grown grains to the village butcher, who in turn feeds these to his livestock. Inspired by this sale and interaction, Mario decides to make a business of his passion, by opening Salumificio Tornillo in 1970.

In Vito's own words: "I have been living and breathing this profession and passion my whole life, and cannot imagine doing anything different.”

Their livestock is still bought from small local producers, honouring the original farm-to-table tradition. You can feel their devotion in every bite!

Tornillo family works only with local livestock, coming every week from Campania, Basilicata and Apulia regions.

Every phase is attentively processed in their factory: drying (6-7 days),aging and filling only using natural bowels.

Every product has a different aging: salsiccia minimum 3 weeks, guanciale and pancetta for at least 2 months.

Buon appetito,


Irpinia landscape, on my way to Tornillo's factory

Salsiccia aging

Capocollo aging

Culatello aging

Pasta amatriciana - tomatoes sauce, guanciale, ricotta salata