Introducing the 'caciocavallo' we chose for our selection

Introducing the 'caciocavallo' we chose for our selection

Chiara Di FalcoMay 20, '19

Our caciocavallo: comes from Basilicata region and it is aged for 90 days

Do you know where this cheese takes its name from?

It gets it from the manner in which it is always tied together in a rope and dangled over a wooden board to drain and age.

It is a 'pasta filata cheese' made out of cow's milk, produced mainly throughout Southern Italy, still without the use of technology. 

The Caciocavallo we chose for you ages 90 days and it comes from Basilicata Region, from a little village called Ruoti.

We will soon meet the producer and, in that occasion, we will provide you with more details about production and origin. Stay tuned!

Amazing if melted or, even better, together with honeys or jam. 

Buon appetito,



Luca, our supplier