Pastiera in the making: As Soup as Possible cooks for us!

Pastiera in the making: As Soup as Possible cooks for us!

Chiara Di FalcoApr 14, '20


This Easter 2020 has been very special.

And not only because of all the staying home and the corona crisis, but because for the first time we worked together with Angelica. 

Angelica is a woman from Naples, passionate, energetic and very talented. Together with her main job in content marketing, she runs the amazing project As Soup as Possible

10 people - including myself - were lucky enough to taste the very delicate pastiera from Angelica. 

Everything homemade, from beginning to end. Including the customized and nice package with a little explanation.

This is THE Easter pie. Made of ricotta cheese and wheatberry and then perfumed with orange blossom water and candied fruits. 
Its preparation starts days in advance and it releases its purest and best taste after a couple of days from the production. 

And I was so happy to deliver them around the city together with boxes full of my products. 

I hope this is gonna be the first of many other collaborations.

Grazie Angelica!



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