Are you in love - like us- with Pecorino? And if I tell you Pecorino from Tuscany?

Pre-orders are open!

We are so proud to announce our partnership with these amazing dairyman from Tuscany, Pienza area: Cugusi!

Dairymen since generations, they produce their excellent products according to tradition.

Still a family run business ( Silvana and Fabrizio are two pillars) with a lot of trustworthy collaborators.

The Pecorino I prefer are the Gran riserva, the truffle one or the pomace Pecorino ( cured in wine pomace).

This is one of italian excellence and i couldn’t be more proud to work with these beautiful people. Can’t wait to meet them in person again!

Would you like to try some?

Before having them online as part of our selection, we would like to make a little test. So... pre-orders are open from today until 11/6!

And we will deliver after after 10 days since the deadline.

Delivery conditions on the website apply also for the pre-order. Free delivery in Amsterdam and with a fee out of Amsterdam.

Write me for questions or more information. 

Thank you guys for your amazing job,


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  • Great content, thank you so much for sharing the information about pre- food

    Mario bell

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