Risotto with spinach, goat cheese & roasted almonds (x2)

Risotto with spinach, goat cheese & roasted almonds (x2)




Dice onion and garlic and cook, at low fire, in 2 spoons of olive oil for about 5 minutes (until the onion becomes transparent).

Wash the spinach and cut them in smaller pieces.

Add them to the pan, add some salt, pepper and nutmeg and cook until they become soft and release all their water.

With a hand mixer make the spinach into a non homogeneous puree and put it back into the pan. Warm another pan up and toast the rice in it: at medium/high fire move the rice around until it becomes slightly transparent.

Once ready, add the rice to the spinach puree and start cooking it. Start adding the warm stock one ladle at the time.

Each time, stir and let absorb. Go on until the rice is cooked.

It will take about 20/25 minutes. Out of the fire add the goat cheese, previously cut in small pieces and stir to let it melt.

Finally, add the almond shavings, previously toasted on a pan, and stir.

Serve your risotto warm.

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