The best Sicilian Cannoli in Amsterdam

The best Sicilian Cannoli in Amsterdam

Chiara Di FalcoMay 2, '24

Did you know you can find Sicilian cannoli at La Bottega?

Let us tell you something more about it..

• you find them everyday fresh in store, from opening til the end of the day 

• you can also order them for your special event or team meeting

• we stuff them - with sheep ricotta only - in front of you. You’ll never have a pre stuffed cannolo from us!

• you can top them with Pistachio crumble or dark chocolate or both!

• they are made in Sicily from our trustworthy pastry chef. The shell is nice and crunchy and the sheep ricotta comes from Sicily too

What are you waiting for? They are literally mouthwatering.. also for the ones who prefer savory food… believe us!

And once you try them, let us know what you felt at first bite…

La Bottega Team 

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