About us

Chiara’s Food Motto is from good people to good people.

What does this mean?
Our ‘good people’ are Southern Italy's local producers, who believe in their land and their products.
All produce is handled by means of handmade processes and orginal traditions.
The other ‘good people’ we wish to reach are those with a passion for high quality food!
You'll know you are part of these good people if food is like a part of your own culture; something to be shared and that unifies people.
Our principles:
  • We taste everything we deliver
  • We only propose products with a soul and true identity
  • We don’t go for standard products: we go for excellence, and preserving quality over quantity
  • We will make you a part of this story, sharing with you the amazing stories that are behind products and producers
We hope to meet you along this journey,