Interview with our suppliers: Francesco Urciullo - Fratelli Burgio

Interview with our suppliers: Francesco Urciullo - Fratelli Burgio

Chiara Di FalcoMar 16, '21
Interview with our suppliers: Francesco Urciullo - Fratelli Burgio
This week I had a chat with Francesco, son of Maria Burgio. He is moving the family run business forward together with his uncles and cousins.
What's your role and name in the company? 
Francesco Urciullo, Project Manager. 
How would you briefly describe Fratelli Burgio?
Fratelli Burgio - since 1978 - is a small family run business producing preserves based on old Sicilian recipes, handed on from generation to generation. 
Despite it is born three generations ago, I think Fratelli Burgio is a young company. It is a young and versatile company who focuses its soul on quality food. Only on quality. At the same time, it is always open to new challenges and new opportunities, not necessarily connected to the food industry. 
We are multifaceted!
We are always open to new ways of working and we like to adapt our core business to it. Like the place we opened at the harbour, in Ortigia, the city center of Siracusa.
The core of our company is the big kitchen of our family. 
My grandfather started many years in the big food chain, like Coca Cola or Galbani. He used to have a small warehouse with few products. This warehouse was right down his house. Thanks to his hard work, he managed to own 12 vans delivering products in the surroundings. 


He had two sons, Pino and Concetto ( my uncles) and he decided to open the first 'Salumeria' in Solarino also having their future in mind. Few years later, in 1982, he opened also the 'Salumeria' in Ortigia. The same one where you can still enjoy our products and panini today. 

Then later on they just kept the shop in Ortigia, who used to be called in Sicilian dialect 'A Salumeria'. 5-6- years ago it has been renamed La Salumeria, giving this sense of family, genuinity.

How does Fratelli Burgio contribute to the development of the territory and the local economy? 

All products, maybe with a small exception for the sugar, come from the area. Also the extra virgin olive oil we use to cook or for our preserves come from the province of Siracusa. 

Every year we work on the direction the company needs to take for that specific year. If we have difficult or confusing moments, we know where we want to head to. So this year one of our pillars is sustainability. While we do it we keep in mind our environment, our territory and also the 'education' we want to give to our customers. It is a virtuous cycle. Think about our labels or the compostable table cloths.


What makes your product special?  

The way we prepare and develop pur products. In such a natural way. Our daily gestures are within us since long time. We bring them within us without even realising it. Majority of the people working with us and cooking, do it since the beginning or since more than 20 years!

A big part of our products come from need. And we bring this need forward. Eggplants, cappuliato, sundried tomatoes, olives.. these products used to be prepared for the family's usage and we used to prepare always a bit more.

How do you select your raw material?

We know our producers since so many years. We all come from the same area. We know the territory and, after so many years, some producers - like the 'riccio tomatoes' for example are produced for us. They will then become the gorgeous Tomatoes Passata. We have dedicated plants that our producers cures, grows . We grow and our producers grow. We do it together. 

Our raw materials' suppliers must work in a ethical way and come from the area.  

How do you think Chiara’s Food matches with what Fratelli Burgio does?

First of all, you're one of our customers and supporters! You like to eat products even before selling them. We 'close' the richness of our Sicily in a little pot and we love it because it can travel the world and bring a bit of Sicily to everyone's house. And you help us doing this. You are an ambassador of this evolution. 

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