Chiara Di FalcoOct 30, '22
This used to be one of my favorite pasta recipes when I was a little girl. A recipe my father would always cook. A Roman version - sort of - of Carbonara. And I loved its name: papa-lina. That was his pasta for me, the pasta of my Papa'.
Let boil the water for the pasta and add salt. 
Put in a bowl the whole eggs, a spoon of cooking water and the grated parmigiano. Whisk it with a fork very fast and make a cream out of it.

Put some butter in a pan and when warm, add the Prosciutto and onion. Onions needs to be thinly cut. Cook for few minutes. 

Drain the pasta and put it on the pan where the prosciutto and onion are. Work it for a couple of minutes, still on the fire. Then remove it. When the fire is off, add the eggs and whisk very well. The warmth of the pasta will make the eggs less liquid.
Serve hot and add a little bot of more grated parmigiano and black pepper. 
My father would also add a bit of white wine and make it flambe'. 
Buon appetito! 

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