Interview with our suppliers: Simone Sabaini from Sabadi'

Interview with our suppliers: Simone Sabaini from Sabadi'

Chiara Di FalcoMar 1, '21

Simone Sabaini and his Modica Chocolate.

From Sabadi', il giorno che forse non esiste.Simone and his innovative Modica chocolate. 

Simone is the visionary man behind the Modica Chocolate Sabadi'. 

How does Sabadi' contribute to the development of the territory and the local economy?

In many different ways. We started giving new life to the Modica Chocolate.  In 10 years, we increased the average quality level of the Modica Chocolate, overall. 

It was first perceived as a low quality product and also because of us, its quality and perception grew very much. This is now 100% a high quality product and this is a trigger for all companies producing it and for the image of Modica and its chocolate. 

We also gave new life to the San Giorgio area. It used to be the most beautiful area in Modica. Part of its garden became neglected and abandoned. 

Thanks to the activities and events we organize around the chocolate, this area is flourishing again.

What makes your product special?

I'm a perfection seeker. Every single detail needs to be analyzed and match my severe quality ( and perfection) standards. Quality of the chocolate, packaging, marketing, shops, communication. 

How do you select your raw material?

First of all, I'm the first customer. Every piece of chocolate, every single bar.. I have to like them first! 

Then, the raw material needs to organic and the producers/suppliers need to be part of a healthy scenario. We love biodiversity and also to use ingredients that normally are not not used. For example our cocoa beans belong to the Slow Food Presidia, organic and part of fair trade circle. 

It is the best selection of the Nacional Chocolate. 

Then we try to use local products like lemons, oranges, Sicilian herbs. The product is made in Sicily. But not only the Sicilian territory has great raw material. So sometimes I go beyond the Italian borders. The best quality always wins.  

How do you think Chiara’s Food matches with what Sabadi does? 

We share the same passion for quality. We share the raw material accordind to the same criteria. Our communication style matches. 


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