Pasta with pumpkin cream, pecorino & crispy guanciale

Pasta with pumpkin cream, pecorino & crispy guanciale




Clean the pumpkin and dice it, about 1 cm per side. Dice also the onion.

Cut the slices of guanciale in stripes and fry it in a hot pan until crunchy. Set it aside and remove the fat from the pan.

Add 4 spoons of olive oil and cook the onion at low fire until transparent.

Add the pumpkin, stir and add the stock together with the cumin.

Add salt and pepper.

Let it cook for about 10, until the pumpkin is soft. Remove half of the pumpkin and set aside.

Blend the other half with the stock using a hand mixer.

Cook the pasta in boiling water (with a spoon of salt). In the same pan reunite the cubes of pumpkin, the pumpkin cream and the guanciale.

Add pasta when ready and mix all together. If too dry, add one or two spoons of the cooking water.

Divide the pasta in 4 plates, add a generous amount of pecorino’s shavings and some fresh pepper.

Enjoy it warm!

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